Employing sustainable practises does not stop with the fabrics we choose. 


Excess stock


Being a part of the slow fashion movement means we only stock limited numbers of items, so we don’t produce waste ourselves. Left over stock will be donated or recycled.



End of life

It is so important to us that remedy products can be re-worn time and time again, handed down to friends or family and only then once it’s reached its full potential, recycled back into the system it came from. Once the time comes to part with your remedy products, send them back to us and we will recycle them into new products!



Waste straps


In any manufacturing process there is inevitably waste created. At remedy we try and limit wastage as much as possible by shredding down larger scraps to be recycled and smaller scraps are saved to become fashionable hair ties or pocket squares.



Packaging & Shipping


We don’t want to let the planet down by shipping your products in single use plastic. All items are;

- Swing tagged with 100% recycled card

- Attached with 100% recycled string

- Put inside a 100% recycled zip lock bag to take extra care of your orders. when being delivered to you.

- We use 100% recycled mailer bags which has a second adhesive strip so that the mailer can be reused once more, and once it has served its purpose, you can recycle it where soft plastics are accepted!

- Orders which are shipped domestically are shipped with Aus Post who offer a carbon neutral parcel delivery. International orders are shipped with DHL