Design & Manufacturing


All products are designed and sampled in Melbourne, Australia.


The reality of making products from 100% recycled materials means we have to manufacture all over the world, in locations that have the capabilities. Where possible, we have sourced or manufactured right here in Australia.


Please see the map of countries that have made our 100% recycled clothing and the countries we have sourced our products from.





Our Women’s Summer21/22 range is designed & handmade in Melbourne.


Our Winter21 range is designed in Melbourne & manufactured in India.


Our Caps and Thongs are designed in Melbourne & manufactured in China.






We have sourced 100% recycled hardware from all over the world, where we couldn’t find, we had it developed.





Buttons – 100% recycled polyester

Zips- 100% recycled RPET



Peak- 100% recycled HDPE.

Button set- 100% recycled

Buckle- 100% recycled zinc alloy

Embroidery – 100% recycled polyester.

Thread- 100% recycled polyester.



Waist Cord- 100% recycled Polyester

Aglet (cord end) – 100% recycled brass.

Mesh- 100% recycled polyester 

Waistband- 100% recycled elastane